Ines merino 1712 pumpk 3

Final character illustration

Ines merino 1712 pumpk 1

Pumpkin's model sheet

Ines merino 1712 pumpk 2

Character exploration

Pumpkin - Character Design

Pumpkin is a kind-hearted ghost, but also a really nervous and scary looking one. There's something coming, something bad. He needs to help May so they escape together!

A character developed for a team based challenge called MixPix, created in the 3DCA discord server. The goal for this character was to be later modelled and textured by a 3D artist and all the team gave feedback while I created concepts for it. The end goal was to have a little diorama and later post it in sketchfab. This work wouldn't be possible without their help and it was such a wonderful experience to be able to create something together. Thank you!

More artwork
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