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crypto art

For lovers of fantastic art, filled with magic, color and POWER - at the intersection of art and technology.

Do you love to invest in unique and original pieces of artwork, where an artist sets out to explore and find their truest form of creative expression?

Then you're just at the right place.

This is where I bring to life the ideas from the wildest corners of my imagination - with all the exquisite quality and magic only I know how to brew.

Explore my art as Crypto and NFT art in the platforms below



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for artists

Are you looking to achieve your creative dreams once and for all?

To love making your art from the mind-blowing worlds in your imagination? To make money from the art you really LOVE to create?

Then The Artist Within might be just the thing for you.

the kindred treasure

An adventure you can take at your own pace, by delighting in all the treasure guarded at The Vault ✨

This is a place of full artistic freedom. Independence. A hub of my creative endeavors, of everything I’ve created from November 2020 to now. A place of trust and sharing. This is where you can find my paintings, my thought process, behind the scenes, illustrations, PSD files, sketchbooks, wallpapers, coloring pages and even raw vulnerable shares.

The most intimate sneak peek into my creative voice lies within.

For courageous Adventurers and Treasure Hunters. Join the Adventure today.

Take a deep breath. You know you are made of stardust.

hi there, I'm Inês

A multi-passionated and multi-talented creative entrepreneur, artist and coach for artists.
I believe whole-heartedly in the power of art (and artists!) to change the world as we know it.

My mission?
To crush the myth of the starving artist - and replace it with the thriving artist, all the while filling the world with more magic and happiness.

Find more of my artwork at my PORTFOLIO 🠮

Creative services

Do you have BIG and bold visions for your project?

Whether you need concept art for your videogame or an illustration to make your project stand out, or even an Alter Ego Portrait – I’ll bring your idea to life – with all the exquisite quality and uniqueness it deserves.

Fill out the form below and you’ll be invited to book a call with me to discuss your project further.

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