a 1-1 experience of coaching & Subconscious transformation to unleash the one and only artist within you

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to invest in your passion and soul.

“Inês has a great way to analyze your situation and to make you feel like you can actually do this! 

I found myself more motivated and with a new set of goals to achieve” 💪

Beatriz Pereira

“Before working with Inês, I was stuck in limiting beliefs.

Now I am more confident and trusting of myself. The process was gentle, relaxed and POWERFUL. Inês has a lovely warm presence and I’m happy with the result!”


It's time.

Where artists revolutionize their relationship with their art

If you’ve been wondering why you’ve been feeling stuck, burnout, art block and procrastination, not making money from your art, having lost the joy of creating… Trying and trying and not being able to change it – I hear you.

And it is not your fault. 

I fully believe all of this can be changed – and the key lies within your subconscious mind. By understanding the power that lies within you, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

And I’ll guide you into harnessing this power to work WITH you, in all the messiness of life.

Now… are you ready?

✔ 1-1 coaching

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✔ direct ongoing
support from me

✔ subconscious transformation

“I decided to reach out to Inês due to her light-hearted and sincere approach towards artists. I felt super comfortable during the entire process, I even talked about something that I wasn’t going to share at first! 

Super sweet feedback and understanding of what I’m going through was my favorite part. Now I’m more aware of the steps I need to take and more conscious of my goals.

gabriela acosta franzolini

What would it mean for you if you could wake up every day motivated and excited to create? work on your art business?
...making money doing what you love?
...finding your purpose?
...feeling so proud about being an artist?
...knowing that being an artist is a gift?
...creating art without all of the struggle?
...not second guessing all of your decisions?
...saying goodbye to constant self-doubt and burnout?
...believing in yourself no matter what?
...being recognized for the tremendous amount of value you bring to the table?
...taking steps towards the life of your dreams, one by one?

...knowing that your VOICE is uniquely special?

What if all of this was possible for you?

It’s time to shift the narrative.

You can achieve the freedom you seek

while absolutely loving the hell out of making art

I *know* this is possible for you.

And let’s face it. You know you this is possible for you too.

The only question is… are you ready to take a step forward, and get the support you need to make it happen?

To be guided on your own journey of transformation?

In The Artist Within you’ll get to dream bigger than you’ve probably ever allowed yourself to, release the stories that tell you it’s not possible for you, and move towards that vision with confidence and a new sense of who you get to be now.

This will involve a lot of healing, trust and getting quiet with yourself.

Remember, no journey is the same – and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

In The Artist Within, you’ll get weekly video calls with me, with the full suite of subconscious transformation knowledge and tools I’ve trained for in The Shift Method.

With time for implementation, so you get to integrate, rest and cement what you’ve learned and committed to taking action on.

You’ll also get access to me in-between calls, via text and audio messages, should you ever need extra support during the week.

Why does this transformation work?

Because it is done at the subconscious level, it is DONE. 

Your subconscious mind is responsible for 96% of all that you see and experience in your life. Your behaviours, habits, memories – they all come from your subconscious mind. Consciously you can only go so far, as your conscious mind takes for… yeah, only 4%!

When you change something at the subconscious level, the change is deep, ever-lasting and easy.

About your coach

Hi, I'm Inês Merino - and it's so nice to finally meet you.

I’m a creative entrepreneur and artist – drawing ever since I can remember. With a degree in Fine Arts and working as a Concept Artist and Illustrator for the videogame industry for the last 4+ years, I spent 10 years dealing with mental health, art block and burnout.

Once I found that there were skills and tools one could develop to help manage their nervous system, while also cultivating a healthy mindset to create the life of their dreams, I knew I had to share this knowledge with other artists around the world. This lead me to further develop this knowledge and getting trained as a subconscious transformation facilitator.

Art is a big part of my calling, and so I’ve kept developing my voice as an independent artist. One of the main ways I do that is by exploring the Crypto and NFT Art world.

I’ve seen first-hand that having a thriving career as an artist is totally possible and hold that belief for all artists I encounter in my path – of course it is possible. Why wouldn’t it be?

My mission? It’s simple:

to crush the myth of the starving artist and replace it with the thriving artist.

What Artists Say

Client Testimonials

No more "trying hard" to get things happen.

It gets to be easy and it gets to be fun. you get to enjoy the life of your dreams.

three steps to success

I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

I created the Artist Within to make sure you’re fully supported in your adventure to achieve your creative dreams. Whether that is making the art you love, making money from it, or something else – I got you!


Weekly video coaching Calls

During the time working together, we’ll meet weekly for badass coaching sessions, crushing those blocks and loving every single part of you.


implementation weeks

Weeks with space and time to fully integrate your transformations, with no coaching sessions. It’s time to take a deep breath and embrace the new you.


Extra Support

Added support via text and audio messages, in between sessions. Feel free to message me and I’ll be there for you at all times.

the Shift Method

Having trained directly with Laura Husson on her flagship subconscious training program – The Shift Method – I am a fully embodied subconscious transformation facilitator. 

I am trauma aware and will continue to develop my awareness – your safety and transformation is my priority.

the artist within


To activate and unleash the power and artist within YOU. Take steps towards the life of your dreams and start living it now. You are allowed to have dreams and abundance!


12 weeks of coaching and support, with 2 implementation weeks included.


1950€ for the full program or choose a payment plan: 325€ x 6 payments or 650€ x 3 payments.

A unique blend of coaching & subconscious transformation designed to help you thrive on all levels. This is your time.

something brought you here. so...

are you ready to embark on this adventure?


Most frequent questions and answers

I created this program to help artists – because I’ve seen how of artists struggle with a lot of issues that I can closely relate to. With that said, all of my sessions are bespoke to who I’m talking to and I am totally available to support other people who don’t identify as artists.

So if you’re feeling called – you are welcome to apply.

If you have a desire for change, then you are primed for having a transformation. If you got a deep desire for more, for your dreams and goals, for more freedom and doing what you love – whatever that looks like for you – then I’d love to talk with you.

 Anything else we can discuss on the call together and see how we connect, so I invite you to apply.

This is a 12 week (roughly 3 months) 1-1 coaching program, which includes two implementation weeks. During those weeks you’ll be able to rest and fully integrate your experience so far.

No, they have different approaches and purposes.

In therapy you work with a professional who has trained to be a therapist and is fully equipped to help you heal your traumas, analyze your past and process whatever may come up.

In coaching we are focused on the future, guiding you with a goal-oriented approach into your dreams, learning tools and ways to work along your mind. Although the past may come up in some circumstances, we won’t be analyzing it, just observing it. 

Both coaching and therapy are helpful and work beautifully together. I definitely recommend having both as a way to support yourself if you want to.

I accept payments made through Wise (formerly known as TransferWise), Paypal, MB Way and bank transfer. I also accept crypto currency.

The Artist Within is a 1950€ investment, which you can choose to pay in full or with a payment plan. 3 & 6 month payment plans available. Choose what works best for you at no additional cost.

325€ x 6 payments; 650€ x 3 payments; or 1950€ x 1 payment.

If you happen to need a custom-made payment plan, let me know and we can discuss other options.

A desire for change, time for our weekly calls together and to click the button that says “apply” – you’ll then be guided to fill out a form and book a call with me.