Inês Merino

Art & Mindset


i help you gain more self confidence and do hard things

Guiding you through a journey of self-discovery, I help you create and refine your future self vision or alter ego and make it real beyond visualization exercises. 

Grabbing all my creativity, my passion for painting, my imagination and your vision, a painting is born. And this is when MAGIC happens.

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more than a painting & a portrait: A JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY

Painting a portrait is so much more than just doing it. I love to dig in deep, let my imagination run wild and delve into the story of the person I’m painting.

I also have an incurable love for all the colors! Can you tell?

Being able to do what I’m deeply passionate about while helping people at the same time, is what dreams are made of. That’s why I’m here doing my absolute best to offer you not only a portrait, but an experience – even after our work together has long past.

What sets Ines apart is that she will fully immerse herself and analyze the world you provide for her: she will ask questions to ensure that she has the greatest amount of clarification before beginning work, will provide meaningful input and suggestions during the process, and will ensure her client’s satisfaction before moving on to the next work.”

Devonte Clark, Echo Games

so what do you get?

01. discovering your vision

First, we'll focus on who your Future Self or Alter Ego is, what is this person all about, how they look like, if they are badass, or fierce, or sweet (or everything at once) and how can we bring them to life. For this purpose, we'll have a discovery call.

02. your portrait Painting

Now that we both have a very clear vision, I dive in deep with you and all the information gathered - and a powerful portrait of who you are meant to be emerges. This will be a custom digital illustration and we can go as magical or as surreal as you like.

03. all sizes and shapes

Wohoo! IT IS DONE. To ensure you get the best of your Custom Portrait commission, I create several versions which you can use as wallpaper for your phone or desktop, to frame and put in your wall, as a social media icon, postcard, ... The possibilities are endless!

“From the initial moment until the final delivery it was very pleasant to work with Ines. The service was very professional, it was delivered on time and it was possible to give feedback during the process to obtain the desired end result.”

Rui Andrade

imagine being the badass you are meant to be

You know that future vision you have of yourself? Or maybe you don’t have one, but just know deep in your core that you’re meant for more?

How much easier would it be if you had the confidence you need? What’s stopping you from reaching that dream of yours?

When doubt and fear starts to creep in… what do you do? What CAN you do?

What if, all of those challenges are easier to overcome than you think?

What if, all you need you already have?

What if, you just need a way to reach deep within yourself, anytime you need? 

I’ve been there. You’re about to be in a big deal situation.

  • A presentation about that amazing idea of yours
  • The job interview for your dream job
  • A difficult conversation with someone you care about
  • An important meeting
And then… The time comes. Your body starts to shiver. Your legs start to crumble. Your voice starts cracking. YOU’RE PANICKING! You keep it together, you’re brave and willing to sit through the discomfort, but just can’t shake the feeling… What if you’re just not good enough?

“Working with Ines has produced some of the most fulfilling contract work I’ve gotten to experience during my time designing video games. I’ve worked with her for over two years, and she’s delivered high quality artwork every time.”

Devonte Clark, Echo Games

your alter ego right at your fingertips

I’ve been there, in those dark hours of life. And I’ve seen first hand how working on our mindset improves our lives in so many levels! To be able to tackle challenges and put our best food forward. To embrace change and the unknown. 

To find joy again, after going through burnout, art block, anxiety, panic attacks and even having to shut down my business! 

Ever since then, I invest in my mindset. In learning, in growing. And if there’s some way I can pass it forward, I’m all in!

That’s why I’m not *just* painting portraits and why it is way way more than that. 

That’s why, up there, it says Art & Mindset. Because I’ve seen how powerful it is! And the value and IMPACT it had (and continues to have) on my life.

It’s not just one or the other – it’s how both, Art & Mindset in unison, work together to make our lives more beautiful, magical and empowering.


The Alter Ego Portrait package is 5555€ and includes the digital portrait painting of your alter ego, along with 1-1 support during its creation to bring this vision to life. Payment plans available.

Book a call with me if this sounds AMAZING and you’d like to know more or have any questions.

Ready to make your alter ego come to life?