May & Pumpkin - Character Design
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May - Final character illustration

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Pumpkin - Final character illustration

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May's model sheet

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Expressions and style exploration

Ines merino 1712 may 3

Character exploration

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Pumpkin's model sheet

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Character exploration

May & Pumpkin - Character Design

"May finds herself lost in a strange world. Lost and unable to find her way home she wanders around until she meets Mr. Pumpkin, a strange floating ghost with big eyes. When he tells her about the danger that is coming for her, she has to decide. Will she trust this strange creature and walk through the magical door?"
Pumpkin is a kind-hearted ghost, but also a really nervous and scary looking one. There's something coming, something bad. He needs to help May so they escape together!
The two main characters developed for a team based challenge called MixPix, created in the 3DCA discord server. The goal for these characters was for them to be later modelled and textured by a 3D artist and all the team gave feedback while I created concepts for it. The end goal was to have a little diorama and post it in Sketchfab. This work wouldn't be possible without their help and it was such a wonderful experience to be able to create something together. Thank you!

More artwork
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